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Policies Need to be Updated to Support Working Families

Today, the majority of children in Nebraska and nationwide live in families where both parents work. Several generations ago, this was not the case.  It used to be that most families had one parent in the workforce while the other stayed home to raise the kids.  Times have changed and most married couples with kids [...]

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Raising Future Generations and the Minimum Wage

In two weeks, the Better Wages Nebraska campaign will reach the signature deadline to put a minimum wage increase on the ballot in November, so that voters can have a voice in ensuring that all working families have a chance at the “good life.” The issue has been widely debated in our state and elsewhere [...]

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Saving the Middle Class

A thriving middle class is a key component of a strong economy and there are growing indications that America’s middle class is shrinking.  A recent look at how the median wealth of American families compares with that of other countries shows that we rank 19th on that measure when compared with other developed countries.  Census [...]

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Dads Value Paternity Leave

As Father’s Day approaches, a new report provides some insight into how fathers view paternity leave.   A survey found that a significant majority —  89%  – of fathers believe that it is important for employers to provide paternity leave.  The survey also found that the majority of  fathers — 94% — took some time [...]

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A New Tool to Address Child Hunger

Children do best in school when they arrive for the day ready to learn and one of the most important things a kid can do in the morning to prepare for school is to start the day off with breakfast.   It used to be that most kids had a family breakfast at home in [...]

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A Path Forward on Access Nebraska

It’s summer, and while many of you are hopefully getting out the road map to head off on summer adventures, some of our state Senators are beginning their work on a different kind of road map. Our public benefit programs like Medicaid, child care subsidy, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP — also known as “food [...]

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Efforts to Raise the Minimum Wage Continue

Nebraska is a state that values hard work and the majority of Nebraskans recognize that we all benefit from a strong economy with good jobs.  Last year, a bill to increase the state minimum wage to $9.00 per hour failed to pass the Legislature, but polling shows that policymakers are not in step with the majority of Nebraskans on [...]

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Hope in Concrete Form: The Promise of College Savings

Researcher Micheal Sherraden has an often quoted saying that:  ”assets are hope in concrete form.”  Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a national conference on the emerging and growing field of children’s savings accounts where this concept came to life as policymakers and practitioners shared stories of how educational assets are becoming a transformative [...]

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Nebraskans Gather at Capitol in Support of Working Families

Yesterday, about 100 Nebraskans gathered at a rally at the State Capitol in support of working families.  The rally was organized by a group of Senators in conjunction with events taking place across the country this week dedicated to the theme of shared prosperity. The rally is timely in that economic trends have continued to [...]

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Join Us to Rally for Working Families!

Nebraska is a state that values work and values family, but these values aren’t always reflected in our laws.  As the 2014 Legislative Session comes to a close, several proposals that would have helped working families failed to cross the finish line.  These proposals include: paid family and medical leave, paid sick leave, an increase [...]

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