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Priorities for Kids in the 105th Legislature, 2nd Session

The following pro-kid bills were prioritized and are now headed to the next stage of debate at the Unicameral:

Child Welfare

LB 714, introduced by Senator Howard, would provide a procedure for a teenager living independently to request a formal court order of emancipation.

LB 1078, introduced by Senator Crawford, would ensure that allegations of sexual abuse of children in care continue to be investigated and reported to the Legislature.


LB 931, introduced by Senator Howard, would prevent opioid exposures among Nebraska children.

LB 998, introduced by Senator Walz, would meaningfully address a rising need for mental and behavioral health among Nebraska’s children.

Economic Stability

LB 776, introduced by Senator McCollister, would provide inmates more affordable access to phone and videoconferencing services. This bill contributes to a long-term vision for minimizing the trauma children experience when a caregiver is incarcerated by reducing the cost of phone calls when a parent or caregiver is arrested.

LB 194, introduced by Senator Vargas, would have preserved access to payday loans while ensuring families aren’t intentionally trapped in a cycle of debt. We support this bill as originally introduced. We are closely monitoring it as it is being amended in Committee to see if it will continue to move forward in a form that protects consumers.

Juvenile Justice

LB 670, introduced by Senator Krist, would change membership, powers, and duties of the Nebraska Coalition for Juvenile Justice. We are keeping a close eye on this bill as it may be amended to include additional juvenile justice reforms.

LB 158, introduced by Senator Pansing Brooks, would ensure access to the Constitutional right to counsel for all Nebraska youth. Access to quality legal representation protects kids and ensures they understand their rights and the possible consequences of juvenile court involvement, but all too often kids go without this fundamental right. This bill would help ensure that more young people understand this right before choosing to waive it.

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