Children are our state’s greatest resource, and the decisions our leaders make about them impact our collective future.

Voices for Children in Nebraska has developed a Pro-Kid Policy Plan, focusing on the issues of child welfare, economic stability, health, and juvenile justice. Our policy priorities are guided by research, data, and proven best practices that improve child well-being. We pay close attention to the impact of race, socioeconomic status, and geography, and seek to remove barriers to opportunity within these areas.

Child Welfare

Children grow up in safe, permanent, and loving homes. An effective child welfare system strengthens families and minimizes trauma through timely and appropriate action.

Economic Stability

Families are able to achieve financial security, and children’s basic needs are met. State economic policies support families in trying to build a better future and balance work and family life.


Children and families have access to affordable, quality physical and behavioral health care. Consistent and preventive health care gives children the best start to grow up to be healthy and productive adults.  

Juvenile Justice

Youth are held accountable for their actions in developmentally appropriate ways that promote community safety and allow them to grow into responsible citizens.

This plan represents our vision for a Nebraska where strong communities allow all children to thrive.