We advocate for equitable opportunity for all children in Nebraska through research, policy, and community engagement.


We envision a Nebraska with strong communities where every child has all they need to lead a healthy, secure, and fulfilling life.


We keep children at the heart of everything we do and follow a core set of values that serve as a guide for our words and actions. 
  • Integrity. We serve as an independent and non-partisan voice to drive systems change. 
  • Information. We use research, data, and community input to inform our direction and guide our actions. 
  • Equity. We intentionally center diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in all we do. 
  • Courage. We fight against the status quo when necessary to amplify youth’s voices and transform systems. 
  • Collaboration. We listen and partner in order to support children and families according to their needs. 

Most agencies focus on helping one child at a time and that is important, but we also have to work to address the larger challenges like poverty and hunger that result in children needing community supports in the first place. Policy victories for Nebraska’s children don’t just happen by accident. Using thorough research and skilled advocacy, Voices for Children is committed to ensuring that all Nebraska children continue to have a vital and trusted resource and voice in every classroom, courtroom, newsroom, and legislative chamber in the state.