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LB 952: Restoration of Proposed Medicaid Cuts

As introduced: Every year on December 1st, the Director of the Nebraska Medicaid Program submits a letter to the Legislature detailing intended cuts to Medicaid services.  This bill would have restored the proposed cuts.

Introducing Senator(s): Nordquist, Avery, Bloomfield, Campbell, Conrad, Cook, Council, Dubas, Gloor, Howard, Krist, McGill, Mello

Committee: Appropriations Committee

Committee Hearing Date: January 30, 2012

Current Status: Indefinitely Postponed; Cuts were prevented by funding included in LB 968, the mid-biennium budget adjustment.

Estimated Fiscal Impact:  There is no increased cost to the bill, other than the loss of potential savings estimated if the cuts were made.


Voices for Children Position:  Support

Voices for Children supported this bill due to concerns about the children who would be impacted by this cut, especially those receiving private home duty nursing services.  We were also opposed to making cuts to the Medicaid program during a year when the state had a budget surplus.

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