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Reading at grade-level

  We know that grade-level reading is critical to student success and students who are unsuccessful in making the transition from learning to read to reading to learn are likely to continue to experience challenges throughout their school years and beyond. In 2012, only 36% of Nebraska 4th graders and…...

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LB 952: Restoration of Proposed Medicaid Cuts

As introduced: Every year on December 1st, the Director of the Nebraska Medicaid Program submits a letter to the Legislature detailing intended cuts to Medicaid services.  This bill would have restored the proposed cuts. Introducing Senator(s): Nordquist, Avery, Bloomfield, Campbell, Conrad, Cook, Council, Dubas, Gloor, Howard, Krist, McGill, Mello...

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Support for LB 952 – Prohibit cuts to Medicaid services

January 30, 2012 To: Appropriations Committee From: Aubrey Mancuso, Policy Coordinator RE:  Support for LB 952 to prohibit cuts to Medicaid services...

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