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LB 981: Fund Renovations at YRTC – Kearney

As Introduced: The bill would have provided funding for renovations of the two living units’ dormitories at the YRTC-Kearney, so that youth can have a more private, home-like environment that is conducive to rehabilitation.

Introducing Senator: Ashford, Hadley

Committee: Appropriations

Committee Hearing Date: February 6, 2012

Final Status:  Indefinitely Postponed

Estimated Fiscal Impact: This bill would have provided $1,611,312 from General Fund for the renovation of the two living units at YRTC-Kearney. In the second fiscal year it would have provided $205,630 from General Funds for six additional security specialists beyond the ten additional staff provided for in the Appropriations budget.

Voices for Children’s Position: Neutral (see our testimony here).

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