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OPS Schools Recognized for Being Hunger-free


We know that hunger can be a barrier to learning, and we have previously mentioned on the blog that schools that have a significant portion of low-income students now have the option of becoming hunger-free zones by serving free meals to all enrolled kids.  In the first year that this option was available in Nebraska, 6 Omaha schools moved forward with this option known as Community Eligibility.

Earlier today, we joined Conagra Foods and Nebraska Appleseed in honoring OPS for making schools hunger free.  We hope that as the success stories about this new option continue to spread, more schools will consider becoming hunger-free zones where kids can focus on learning without being distracted by hunger.  Here are some highlight’s from today’s event.

Becky Gould, Executive Director of Nebraska Appleseed welcomes attendees

Kori Reed of ConAgra Foods explains the importance of community eligibility in an interconnected system that supports children’s well-being and success in school and beyond

Six schools received the Hunger Free Schools Award

Our gratitude to all of the award recipients!




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