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2015 Spotlight Gala Benefiting Voices for Children

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Voices for Children is excited to announce our annual Spotlight Gala will be held Saturday, September 19, 2015 at the Embassy Suites in LaVista.  Each year, we look forward to telling the stories of those who are making a difference in our communities and the lives of children.

Over the past 28 years, Voices for Children has been committed to “telling the whole story” for Nebraska’s kids. In practice, this means acting as an independent voice, letting informed research drive our direction, and making recommendations based off what data is telling us. In my five years here, we have been tremendously successful in living up to this philosophy; securing legislative victories and publishing valuable materials for decision makers, stakeholders and community groups.

But if what we stopped at this, we would fall short of telling the whole story. A complete look at the status of Nebraska children means taking time to highlight individuals and organizations who are making dramatic differences in their communities and greatly changing the lives of children.

The 2015 Spotlight Gala gives us an opportunity to showcase outstanding efforts to help children. We will be hosting the event with our Honorary Family, David and Lori Scott.  Together, we hope to show how these four individuals and organizations are shaping the future by making a positive impact on the lives of children.

–          Individual Award – Elizabeth Hruska

–          Youth Award – Circle C Market

–          Non-Profit Award – Project Harmony

–          Champion for Children Award – Senator Jeremy Nordquist

Each of these recipients is helping children in a different way. This should not come as a surprise, in the past we’ve honored a diverse array of individuals and organizations from Project Everlast to Hunters Helping the Hungry. The various different methods award recipients have used to help children shows there is no limit to ways that we can better the lives of the next generation of Nebraskans if each of us uses our unique talents and skills to that end.

In 2014, more than 700 of you helped commemorate our last Spotlight Gala, and because of the continued support of great volunteers, donors, and sponsors, our 2015 Gala looks to build upon our past success. Once again our event will include silent and live auctions, dinner and the 2015 Spotlight Gala awards ceremony.

As we move into the summer, Voices for Children will be posting a series of posts with more information about the Spotlight Gala and the award recipients. We hope many of you can join us to hear these great stories at the 2015 Spotlight Gala.

Thank you to taking the time to share!

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