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LB 826: Legislative Approval of Medicaid Cuts

As introduced: The bill would require legislative approval of all significant policy changes to the Medicaid program including cutting or eliminating services or increasing co-pays.

Introducing Senator(s): Dubas, Bloomfield, Campbell, Cook, Krist, Lathrop, McGill, Mello, Nordquist

Committee: Health and Human Services Committee

Committee Hearing Date: January 25, 2012

Current Status: Indefinitely postponed.

Estimated Fiscal Impact:  No estimated fiscal impact.


Voices for Children Position:  Support

Voices for Children supported this bill to improve the process of making substantial changes to the Medicaid program by requiring legislative approval.  Legislative approval would guarantee that such changes would receive a public hearing and allow for impacted recipients and consumer representatives to comment on the proposed changes.  We also believe that the legislature is best suited to assess how changes to Medicaid services might impact other programs

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