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Kids Count in Nebraska 2011 Report

The 19th annual Kids Count in Nebraska Report continues to provide pertinent information on the well-being of all children in areas of health, education, safety and economic stability and features a commentary on the importance of investing in early childhood.

Children do not choose the family, the geographic location, or the circumstances into which they are born. Yet their first 8 years of life strongly influence their ability to achieve in school, to pursue advanced education, to be gainfully employed, and to contribute to society. A successful adulthood can often be predicted as early as the end of third grade, the time when children make the switch from learning to read, to reading to learn. When children miss that bench mark, they are at increased risk of dropping out – leaving them with lowered personal incomes and society short of qualified workers.

Fortunately, solutions exist. Providing children with good health care, a quality education, a safe environment and economic stability allows kids to focus on what they do best: learn and grow. It isn’t just good for children; it’s good for all of us. Keeping young children on target to achieve means that we are keeping Nebraska on target to prosper.


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Sometimes, we can’t fit all of the great information and data we collect for the Kids Count in Nebraska Report in the actual report book.  This year’s Kids Count in Nebraska Report features birth data from 2009 and 2010.  While the printed book’s narrative uses data from both years, the birth and prenatal care charts and county-level birth data are only available online:


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