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LB 774

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LB 774, introduced by Senator Howard, is one of the bills this session based on recommendations of the LR 37 Report¬†released in December. LB 774 requires the Health and Human Services Committee to provide an annual ¬†report to the Legislature, Governor, and Chief Justice on progress made towards implementing the LR 37 report’s recommendations through 2015.

It also requires DHHS provide annual reports on or before September 15th of each year relating to a number of children’s services:

  1. Reports of child caring agencies’ condition, management, and competency to care for juveniles its care.
  2. Reports on the commitments, placements, facilities and programs that serve wards of the Office of Juvenile Services (OJS).
  3. A summary of programs and services provided to children and families that aim to satisfy the Family Policy Act.
  4. A report on caseloads of child protective service workers.
  5. An annual review of the children’s behavioral health programs established after the Safe Haven Crisis: the Nebraska Family Helpine; the Family Navigator Program; and Right Turn (post-adoptive and post-guardianship assistance).
  6. The number of waivers provided to foster placements and the number of children living in relative foster homes.
  7. An annual report from the Child Death Review team.


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