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Coming in Last: Nebraska’s Child Care Subsidy Program

Nebraska’s kids need your voice!  Today, the state legislature will consider one of the most critical investments we can make in kids this year.  Child care is critical to ensuring that kids are safe and parents can work.  The child care subsidy program helps working parents access licensed care that would otherwise be unaffordable.

In 2002, then-Governor Mike Johanns line-item vetoed $4.5 million in child care assistance.  This resulted in 1,800 children losing access to affordable child care and eligibility being cut from 185% of the federal poverty level to 120%.  Since that time, the cost of child care has increased significantly and Nebraska’s eligibility for child care assistance remains the lowest in the nation.


Today, Nebraska has the opportunity to take a long overdue step forward on child care.  LB 507 and AM 1173 would move Nebraska forward on child care by increasing eligibility for child care assistance to 130% of the federal poverty level and starting to move beyond safety to quality in publicly funded child care.  LB 507 would require centers receiving over $250,000 in public child care funds to participate in a quality rating system and provide incentives for quality improvement.

Contact your Senator and ask him or her not to leave Nebraska kids in last place.  Support LB 507 with AM 1173.


Learn more about LB507 & AM 1173

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