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2015 National KIDS COUNT Data Book: Economic Well-being

Last week the Annie E. Casey Foundation released the 2015 Kids Count Data Book highlighting state trends in child well-being and providing state rankings. Typically, Nebraska fares quite well in the report, with rankings near the top every year. This year our state ranked number 10, meaning that children in Nebraska have higher…...

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Coming in Last: Nebraska’s Child Care Subsidy Program

Nebraska’s kids need your voice!  Today, the state legislature will consider one of the most critical investments we can make in kids this year.  Child care is critical to ensuring that kids are safe and parents can work.  The child care subsidy program helps working parents access licensed care that…...

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Ever wonder why teens do stupid things?

  Turns out, it is all about how their brain develops. In the past ten years, scientific research has revealed that the brain doesn’t finish developing until the mid-20s. A young person’s brain is actually different than an adult’s. What difference does that make? The Supreme Court has ruled that…...

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