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Voices Releases 2016 Vote Kids Candidate Survey

Child policy issues often receive little discussion within campaigns and elections. This is not because candidates and the public do not care about the issues. They do. But child policy issues often do not lend themselves to simple sound bites. They are not considered “hot button” issues that shape many campaigns. The result is that the pressing needs of Nebraska’s children have not been the subject of the type of political discourse required to reach consensus and make meaningful changes.

We developed Vote Kids to elevate that discourse. Vote Kids is based on the belief that raising child policy to greater prominence in elections is a way to re-orient our political process towards common concerns and practical solutions. Through Vote Kids, you will find survey results from our Nebraska legislative candidates. These surveys aim to help cut through the confusion and allow voters to learn more about politicians, their priorities, and the policy decisions they make on behalf of children.

Check out responses from candidates in your district and be a voice for children when you vote on November 8th!

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