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The sequester’s impact in Nebraska, Part 7: What’s next

In this seventh and final post on the federal sequester’s impact on Nebraska’s kids we will take a look at what we can expect to happen next with the federal sequester.  See the first six posts in the sequester series here: Sequester OverviewHead StartEducationPublic Health,  Child Care, and Economic Stability.

The March 1st deadline for federal sequestration has come and gone, and we are starting to see budget cuts and national response to these cuts.  Cuts have started to take their toll on national events, travel, and disaster relief efforts.  We are seeing multiple news articles every week on how local programs are dealing with the loss of funding and the anticipated impact on those they serve.

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Congress has done little to address the concerns of citizens related to these cuts, and aside from a vote to allow the Department of Transportation more flexibility in their budget, programs have not  been granted relief from sequestration.  A second round of automatic cuts could even be a reality come January if federal budget compromise cannot be made.  The true impact of sequestration on the lives and future’s of Nebraska’s kids is yet to be seen, but the forecast is bleak.  We are anxiously and nervously awaiting the true impact and response to these funding cuts.

Even though our closer look at sequester on the blog  has ended, sequestration is far from over.  If you see any articles or news pop up regarding how Nebraska’s kids will be affected by the sequester we would love to see it.  Post a note in the comments or send us an email.

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