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Take action to support affordable child care!

Affordable child care is essential to keeping kids safe so parents can work. Without access to safe affordable child care, parents may be unable to work or children may be left in unsafe situations.

Nebraska took a step backwards in helping parents afford child care when eligibility for child care assistance was cut in 2002. Since that time, eligibility for child care assistance has remained at the lowest level in the entire country while the cost of child care has continued to grow.

The legislature took a small step forward on access to affordable care when an amendment to increase eligibility was included in a bill to establish a quality rating system for publicly funded child care in Nebraska. As amended, LB 507 would increase eligibility to 125% FPL in 2014 and 130% FPL in 2015.

But this small step forward is in jeopardy. Senator Dan Watermeier has filed an amendment to reduce the increase in eligibility. A decade after severe cuts to child care assistance were made, it is unacceptable that this small increase is under attack.

Contact your senator and ask him or her to oppose Senator Watermeier’s amendment and support LB 507.

We can’t afford to continue to leave Nebraska kids in last place!

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