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sine die 2013

LB 464: Change court jurisdiction over juveniles and indictment procedures (Juvenile court of origin)

As introduced: In the case where the accused was younger than age 18 when (s)he allegedly committed a felony or misdemeanor, the county attorney or city attorney shall file the indictment as a juvenile court petition with the juvenile court and:      (a) if the alleged crime is a misdemeanor…...

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LB 562: Change provisions of the juvenile justice system (Seclusion, evidence based)

As introduced: The Office of Juvenile Services must adopt rules and regulations prohibiting the seclusion of juveniles placed with or committed to OJS for disciplinary purposes in any facility or treatment program operated by OJS or by a person under contract with OJS. Standards need to be created for the…...

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LB 605: Expanding Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Services for Youth in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice System through Telehealth

As introduced: On or before November 30, 2013, the Division of Behavioral Health Services Program shall create the Telehealth Behavioral Health Services Program to ensure timely access to clinically appropriate behavioral health services for youth in juvenile justice facilities and programs, juvenile detention centers, and out-of-home residential placements and for…...

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LB 44: Eliminating Juvenile Life without Parole (JLWOP)

As introduced: The penalty of any person convicted of a Class IA felony for an offense committed when the offender was younger than 18 years old shall be a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. As Amended: The penalty for any person convicted of a Class IA felony for an offense…...

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LB 561: Change provisions and transfer responsibilities regarding the juvenile justice system (YRTC and community based services)

As introduced: The bill intended to reform Nebraska’s juvenile justice system by emphasizing treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of youth from entering the system in the first place. The bill appropriated $10 million for community-based services aid each fiscal year. It also made a number of structural changes: 1)      The Youth…...

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LB 359: Change eligibility redeterminations relating to a child care subsidy

As introduced: LB 359 creates a graduated income disregard for the purpose of determining continuing eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy program. In determining ongoing eligibility for this program at redetermination, seven percent of a household’s gross earned income shall be disregarded after twelve months on the program and fifteen…...

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