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Bipartisan Movements in Federal Child Welfare Legislation

With the 2016 session of the Nebraska Legislature just around the corner, our policy team is gearing up to continue building pathways to opportunity for children in our state. Although much of our work at Voices is centered on advancing policies in the Unicameral, we also monitor federal legislation that…...

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Paid Family and Medical Leave Would Make a Huge Difference for Nebraskans

As far as paid leave policy goes, the United States is ranked essentially dead last, a fact that both astounds and outrages citizens across the nation. U.S. workers must choose between family and work when faced with circumstances such as an illness in the family, aging parents, or a newborn…...

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Budgeting for our future

As a nation, we spend significantly more on retirees than we spend on children.  In 2011, spending on children accounted for only 10% of our federal budget while 41% was spent on retirees.  Don’t get us wrong — we want Grandma to have access to health care through Medicare —…...

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Update on SNAP and the Farm Bill

The Senate is currently debating the 2012 Farm Bill, which reauthorizes agriculture, conservation and nutrition assistance programs for another five years. This is important because it could impact the future of the SNAP program, which helps to feed over 80,000 Nebraskan children. Yesterday, the Senate voted on four nutrition amendments—Senator…...

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Urgent action needed on SNAP

Your voice is needed today on behalf of Nebraska kids! Today the US Senate will be considering amendments to the Farm Bill that could impact the future of the SNAP program, which helps to feed over 80,000 Nebraska children. Please call 1-877-698-8228 and enter your zip code to be connected to Senator…...

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Hungry in the Heartland

Milo Perkins, the administrator of the first food stamp program in the late 1930s, described the reason for its existence as such:  “We got a picture of a gorge, with farm surpluses on one cliff and under-nourished city folks with outstretched hands on the other. We set out to find…...

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