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child care subsidy

Making asset limits simpler for Nebraska’s families – Support for LB 430

Voices for Children would like to express our support for LB 430 and thank Senator Crawford for bringing forward this bill.  As some may recall in 2011, the legislature raised the asset limit in the SNAP program to $25,000 and limited it to liquid resources.  Previously, the asset limit included…...

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Making child care more accessible – Support LB359

Voices for Children in Nebraska fully supports LB 359, introduced by Senator Cook to improve access to child care by establishing an earned income disregard for child care subsidies.  Here is our full written testimony:   February 13, 2013 To: Health and Human Services Committee From:  Aubrey Mancuso, Policy Coordinator…...

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LB430: Helping Families Preserve Financial Security

Today, Senator Crawford introduced LB430 which aims to support families who access Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) and Child Care subsidies in achieving a successful financial future. Ultimately our work support programs should preserve and encourage long-term financial security. As many of our programs are currently structured the rules require…...

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