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Support for LB 842 – Extending opportunities for ADC participants

February 15, 2012

To: Health and Human Services Committee

From: Aubrey Mancuso, Policy Coordinator

RE:  Support for LB 842 to extend vocational training opportunities in the ADC program

Voices for Children supports LB 842 because it extends provisions in the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) program that support education as a pathway out of poverty.  This bill extends the sunset on provisions that allow ADC participants to enter into vocational training while still meeting program requirements.

The relationship between education and poverty is well-documented.  According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 32% of Nebraska children whose parents had only a high school degree live in poor families.[i]  LB 842 supports poor families in taking steps to increase their long term financial security by allowing them to pursue opportunities that can increase their earning potential.  This increased earning potential decreases the likelihood that these families will need public benefits in the future and is a potential cost-savings for the state. LB 842 is a step toward ensuring that our ADC maximizes opportunities to promote greater long term financial stability for program participants.

We urge the committee to advance this bill.  Thank you.



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