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Reaction to announcement of KVC out as case management lead

KVC and DHHS announced today that they have reached an agreement that KVC will no longer provide case management and related services:  http://dhhs.ne.gov/Pages/newsroom_newsreleases.aspx

Here is our reaction:

It is our hope that there is a clear plan in place between DHHS and KVC to transfer case management.  With the transition happening one week from tomorrow, it has the potential to cause further instability for the kids involved in the system.  We hope that their plan minimizes the confusion and instability for the already vulnerable children they serve.  We will continue to monitor the progress made and provide input into solutions that further stabilize the system.

It does not matter to the child who their case manager works for.  What matters to the child is that their case manager has adequate time to meet with them and address their needs.  Despite this setback, we cannot forget the importance of establishing national best practice caseload standards.  Regardless of who does the work, caseload standards are critical.  With smaller caseloads, more workers will stay and provide seamless services to families who have already experienced so much transition.

We hope that the transition plan in place between KVC and DHHS includes a plan to retain case managers and minimize the impact of this transition on the children and families involved in the system.  Trouble retaining workers can lead to further instability and confusion, as children and families have to transition from worker to worker.

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