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LB 613: Create the Tax Modernization Commission

As introduced: LB 613 establishes the Tax Modernization Commission, the purpose of which is to continually review and recommend updates to Nebraska’s tax code in response to changing economies. The commission would be comprised of the Speaker of the Legislature and several legislative committee chair and vice chairs. Ex-officio members would include the Legislature’s Fiscal Analyst, tax experts from the University of Nebraska, and the Tax Commissioner and Property Tax Administrator from Department of Revenue. At least one meeting of the Commission is to be with the Legislative Council.

As Amended: LB 613, as amended by AM 1522 and AM 1548, solely amends Nebraska Statute clarify that the Legislative Council, any committee thereof, any standing committee, or special committee may hold public hearings, and issue subpoenas when the  committee has received prior approval from the Executive Board of the Legislative Council. The subpoenas shall be for a specific inquiry or investigation.

In addition, as amended, the bill states that the council or committee may require any state agency, political subdivision, or person to provide information relevant to the committee’s work and that such entity or person shall provide the information within thirty days. Any litigation to compel or quash compliance is to be heard in Lancaster County Court with right of appeal to the Court of Appeals. The bill also contains the emergency clause.

Introducing Senator(s): Schumacher; Campbell; Harms; Harr; Lathrop; Mello; Davis; Conrad; Dubas; Ashford; McCoy; Chambers

Committee: Executive Board

Committee Hearing Date: February 19, 2013

Current Status: Passed on June 5, 2013

Estimated Fiscal Impact: There is no fiscal impact as a result of LB 613, as amended.

Voices for Children’s Position:  Support (see our testimony)

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