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LB 507: Allow Young ADC Recipients to Pursue a High School Diploma or GED

This bill would allow young adults receiving ADC benefits to count the pursuit of a GED or High School Diploma as a work activity in the ADC program up to the age of 24.  This option would only be permissible as long as the state was otherwise able to maintain compliance with federal work participation rates.

Introducing Senator(s): Harms, Mello, Nordquist

Committee: Health and Human Services Committee

Committee Hearing Date: February 3, 2011

Current Status: Signed into law on March 7, 2012.

Estimated Fiscal Impact: 

There would be no fiscal impact unless a separate program was created.  The bill was placed on General File with a committee amendment that requires the Department of Health and Human Services to enact the program within existing appropriations.  The amendment was adopted.

Voices for Children Position:  Support

Voices supported LB 507 because it provides young ADC recipients with increased economic opportunity and is a positive step toward self-sufficiency.  Young parents often struggle to meet the competing demands of work, education, and parenting.  A high school diploma or equivalency remains an essential building block for increased economic opportunity.  This bill would allow young families to receive assistance while allowing them to complete their basic educational requirements.

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