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LB 309: Adopt the Department of Health and Human Services Delivery Improvement and Efficiency Act (Streamlining)

As introduced: LB309 directs the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate and streamline eligibility paperwork, expand information sharing across programs and governmental agencies, provide reasonable efforts to prevent case closures.

Introducing Senator(s): Bolz

Committee: Health and Human Services

Committee Hearing Date: March 14, 2013

Current Status: Not voted out of committee

Estimated Fiscal Impact: The easing of the application and renewal process and extending eligibility time periods to the longest periods allowed by federal law would increase aid costs. The extent to which costs will increase cannot be determined. The programs covered by the provision of this bill have different fund sources or fund mixes, so the impacts would vary by how the programs are funded. The Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid are state/federal matching programs. The Supplemental Nutrition Program is federally funded. The Aid to Dependent Children’s Program is funded under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant. Increased costs could be picked up from the carryover balance. The Child Care Subsidy Program is funded by federal block grants and state general funds.  All funding from these block grants are being utilized. Any increases for child care would be from the general fund.  Simplification of the application and renewal process may result in saving of staff time and could result in the reduction of FTE.

Reminder calls to those who have not submitted information needed for renewal is estimated to cost $43,873 and reminder letters would be $5,765. Half the costs would be paid from general funds and half from federal.

The data collection and reporting requirements are estimated to cost $11,530 split evenly between general and federal funds.

The Department of Health and Human Service has identified potential conflicts with the Affordable Care Act which will be implemented beginning on January 1, 2014.

Voices for Children’s Position: Support (Signed letter with Coalition)

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