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LB 1010: Increase the Food Stamp Gross Income Limit

As introduced: This bill would increase the gross income limit in the food stamp program to 185% of the federal poverty level (FPL) while keeping the net income limit at 100% of FPL.  This would allow families with high expenses for things like child care to continue to qualify for the food stamp program.

Introducing Senator(s): Nordquist, Cook, Mello

Committee: Health and Human Services Committee

Committee Hearing Date: February 15, 2012

Current Status: Indefinitely Postponed.

Estimated Fiscal Impact:  The estimated cost would be $1,875,045 ($1,012,524 GF and $862,521 FF) annually

Voices for Children Position:  Support

Voices for Children supported this bill due to its potential to address the “cliff effect” in food stamps, where a small increase in earnings results in a significant reduction in benefits.  This moves the gross income limit closer to self-sufficiency levels and allows families with high expenses related to things like child care to qualify for the food stamp program.


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

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