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Honoring Faith Walker

On September 28, Voices for Children in Nebraska will honor those who have made an exceptional impact in making Nebraska a great place to be a kid. Today, we’re shining the spotlight on the 2018 Youth Leader Award winner, Faith Walker.

After experiencing firsthand some of the gaps in Nebraska’s child welfare legislation, Faith Walker decided to work to change the law so that young people in similar situations are given the independence and support they need. Over the course of her three years at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Faith has enjoyed the privilege of working with a diverse set of nonprofits across Omaha. Within UNO’s Office of Civic and Social responsibility, she interned for Special Olympics and No More Empty Pots.

After interning, she was hired by No More Empty Pots as the Program Assistant to the Community Market Basket. In her junior year, she served as a student mentor for the United States State Department program, Young Southeast Asian Student Leaders Initiative. She also recently served as an intern at Voices for Children as during the 2018 legislative session. After Faith graduates from UNO with dual majors in English and International Studies with concentrations in American Literature and Global Strategic Studies, she hopes to earn a legal degree and take part in legislative advocacy at the federal level.

We’re thrilled to honor Faith on September 28!

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