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How cuts to Medicaid impact a child’s health

  Having access to health care is critical for the healthy development of children.  However, in the last decade, we’ve seen a general trend in kids losing employer-sponsored health care, making Medicaid increasingly important for child health....

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With more kids in poverty, it’s time for action

Holy smokes. Remember last week when we promised a more in-depth look at poverty data from the U.S. Census Bureau? Well, today, those data were released, and the look we promised isn’t going to be a very happy one. While the Omaha World-Herald led with a story touting Nebraska’s income growth, the takeaway here…...

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More children losing health insurance

It’s slightly nerdy to be saying this, but here in the Voices for Children research department, we’ve been looking forward to today’s release of the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey (CPS) for awhile now. Today isn’t just a great excuse to make some charts and graphs, though. It’s also…...

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STOP Child Poverty

    Child poverty is at its highest point in a decade – and still likely rising due to the recession. Growing up in poverty effects kids for life.  Kids who grow up in poverty are more likely to go hungry, less likely to have health insurance, and are less…...

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The Cliff Effect

  In order to pay for their basic needs without any help, a Nebraska family of 3 working full-time year-round needs to make $20.62 an hour. Along the way, there are sudden losses of work supports, like food stamps or child care subsidies, before a family actually makes enough to…...

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