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April is National Minority Health Month!


The CDC and HHS have named April National Minority Health Month. During this month, much attention is put on “raising public awareness about health and healthcare disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities and efforts to advance health equity.” Voices for Children began to address the issue of health and race during December’s Race Matter’s conference.

In order to effectively eliminate racial and ethnic disparities, we must know where these disparities exist. Health disparities exist at all points in childhood for children of color in Nebraska. Some of the key data pieces at each point in childhood are:

  • During prenatal and the first year of life

  • Childhood
  • Teenage years (nationwide as Nebraska data is not available)
In light of this data, the Office of Minority Health has raised a call to action toward ending health disparities in our community. Even though much work has been done to advance equity, the work is not yet done. Voices for Children continues to work toward our mission of building pathways to opportunity for all children and families, and ensuring good health of every child, regardless of race or ethnicity, is a step in that direction

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