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A long road toward restoring prenatal care


The bill (LB 599) that restores prenatal care coverage for low-income moms and their babies went into effect today – over two years since we started working to make it reality.

In that time, we have worked alongside countless advocates, doctors, concerned citizens, and worried moms. Its has been a long journey filled with stories of fear and heartbreak, a hard-fought political battle, and finally victory.

I have spent part of this morning looking back through babiesbornhealthy.com and watching the videos from the early days of that journey. We have clips of parents talking about why prenatal care was important to their child’s health, moms worried about where they can get prenatal care now, providers who know how critically important prenatal care is to the health of a child.

All of those videos are still online, if you want to remember what those first days and months of our journey toward restoring prenatal care looked like.  It all started with this video:


In the coming weeks, we will be retracing some of the steps and circumstances surrounding the restoration as part of our anniversary series.




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