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Voices for Children Releases Pro-Kid Policy Plan for Nebraska

As the independent voice for kids, Voices for Children in Nebraska is committed to building pathways to opportunity for all children and families through research, policy and community engagement.

As part of this commitment, we are releasing the first of its kind “Pro-Kid Policy Plan for Nebraska.” Guided by research,  data and proven best practices for kids, this plan offers a road map to shape public policy in a way that puts children first.

As always, Voices for Children in Nebraska pays close attention to the impact of race, poverty and geography, and seeks to address existing disparities within the areas of child welfare, economic stability, early childhood, health, juvenile justice and tax and budget.

The Pro-Kid Policy Plan for Nebraska will guide our advocacy work as we move forward, working with policy makers, to ensure the needs of our kids are met and all of them have the opportunity to thrive.


 Read the detailed plan here!


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