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Voices for Children Prepares for Kids Count Release

The new year is getting off to a fast start here at Voices for Children, as we prepare for the release of the 2014 Kids Count in Nebraska Report.

This report will provide all the things you have come to expect – and more! We will once again provide a visually-oriented look at child well-being data in each of our issues areas, including Health, Education, Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and Economic Stability. Through graphs, charts, and other visual representations, we will showcase more than 200 indicators of how children in our state are doing.

We are excited about a number of additions to this year’s Kids Count in Nebraska Report, including a thorough update of the education and county data pages and the addition of population data to give an overview of what the state looks like. These changes help us tell the whole story of the well-being of Nebraska’s children.

We are also extremely excited about this year’s commentary topic: “Supporting Working Families.” In this special commentary, we explore how Nebraskans are working hard, but still struggling financially. We examine the factors that contribute to this disconnect, including low-wage jobs, limited growth in household income, the rising cost of goods and services, being unable to work desired hours or lacking adequate benefits. In general, Nebraska is a great place to raise a family and be a child, but how do we ensure a better future for those struggling to make ends meet? This commentary will explore the landscape for working families and offer recommendations for moving forward.

To be the first to get the full Kids Count in Nebraska Report, be sure to attend one of our release events in Omaha and Lincoln January 29th and 30th.

We are also working on a “Kids Count Road Show” for greater Nebraska this spring.  If you would like us to make a stop in your community, please comment below or send us an email at kidscount@voicesforchildren.com.

With the release of the Kids Count in Nebraska Report, coupled with the previously released Pro-Kid Policy Plan for Nebraska, Voices for Children is all set for a productive 2015, moving forward to ensure that all children have the opportunity to thrive.

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