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The 25th Annual KIDS COUNT National Data Book is Coming

If you follow Voices for Children in Nebraska, you undoubtedly hear a lot about the Kids Count in Nebraska Report, but you may not know much about the national report.  The National Data Book takes data from all 50 states, compares states, and provides a ranking. This report can easily tell us how Nebraska is doing when compared to other states in the same year, or similarly to Kids Count in Nebraska, tells us how we have improved or worsened in several different areas. This year’s 25th edition is a special one. The National KIDS COUNT Data Book highlights efforts since 1990 to raise awareness locally and nationally about how kids are doing and what policies and programs might lead to improvements in child well-being in our nation.

The 2014 National KIDS COUNT Data Book will be released Tuesday, July 22, and until then we cannot tell you how Nebraska did this year.  We can however, review how we did last year and talk about what is included in the report.

The Data Book presents the latest trends in four categories:

  1. Economic Well-Being
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Family and Community

Each of these categories includes 4 indicators and captures the latest trends, starting pre-recession and ending with the most recent year of available data.

In last year’s KIDS COUNT Data Book,  Nebraska did very well, ranking 8th in the country for Overall Child Well-Being.  Nebraska ranked 4th in Economic Well-Being, 10th in Health, and 17th in Education and 15th in Family and Community.

Be sure to check with Voices for Children on Tuesday for the release of this year’s rankings and the KIDS COUNT Data Book!

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