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The 2016 Kids Count in Nebraska Report is almost here!


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We have been busy this fall compiling data and putting together the 2016 Kids Count in Nebraska Report – our biggest and best yet! This year’s book contains data in each of our 5 issues areas: health, education, economic stability, child welfare, and juvenile justice as well as population level demographics, an update to our Index of Race and Opportunity, and county-based indicators.

Our commentary this year is an in-depth look at Nebraska’s Emerging Adults. This population of 18-24-year-olds are at a unique time of change and development in their lives and have different needs than those at any other age. Our commentary looks at the challenges they face and provides recommendations on how our state can best support their transition into successful adults. We are also very excited to debut our Kids Count NEteractive Data Center. Beginning this year, all the data that you have come to know and rely on from the Kids Count in Nebraska Report will have a place on our NEteractive Data Center, an easy to navigate tool to help find the information you need quickly without scrolling through pages and tables.

We are releasing this year’s Kids Count on January 10th at the Nebraska State Capitol with an open public release event the next day in Omaha. Copies of the report will be available for pickup starting January 10th at the Voices for Children office, or at the state capitol room 1023 from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm on January 10th.

Every year, in addition to our public release events, we travel across the state and share our Kids Count presentation and publication to community groups and organizations. If you would like your group to receive a Kids Count presentation this year, contact Chrissy at kidscount@voicesforchildren.com.

Register to attend our Omaha Public Release on January 11th by Friday, January 6th using the form below, or by calling or emailing us – (402) 597-3100 or voices@voicesforchildren.com.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are unable to attend our release event, but would still like a copy of the 2016 Kids Count in Nebraska Report please fill out this form to request your copy.

Help us make Nebraska the best place to be a kid!

Publishing the Kids Count in Nebraska Report is no simple task. In order to ensure Kids Count reaches everyone in our state, Voices for Children covers steep printing and mailing costs each year. Please consider a donation to help us continue working for the future of Nebraska’s kids.

We are excited to share the 2016 Kids Count Report and all it’s important data with you!

Thank you to taking the time to share!

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