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YJAM Series: A Tale of Five Houses

On Halloween, we take our children trick or treating from house to house in the neighborhood, but at the end of the night, we come back to our own home to snuggle in, telling ghost stories over a cup of hot cider and a full bag of candy. All too…...

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YJAM series: Choosing not to Prosecute Children

In elementary school, children are still learning to use the dictionary, parse words and stories for meaning, and multiply and divide fractions. They have barely begun to explore American history and civics, much less crime, punishment, and legal rights and consequences. However, Nebraska has no minimum age for charging children…...

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YJAM Series: Making our Schools Safer for All Kids

Excellent schools are the foundation of a prosperous society where all people can succeed. A public school system that functions effectively for every child has the power to break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and open worlds of opportunity for all kids. ¬†Education can mean the difference between employability and…...

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Kick off Youth Justice Awareness Month by testing your knowledge!

Did you know that October is Youth Justice Awareness Month? To kick it off, we challenge you to test your own knowledge of our juvenile justice system with this short quiz. All this month, we will be bringing you blog posts that raise awareness about systemic ways Nebraska’s approach to…...

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