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Supreme Court

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl

The custody battle for “Baby Veronica” has been discussed and debated around dinner tables across the country, but “Baby Veronica” isn’t a celebrity—at least not in the strictest sense—after all, she is not a singer/actress/athlete, nor is she the daughter of a singer/actor/athlete.   “Baby Veronica” is the 3-year-old biological daughter…...

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The Other Supreme Court Victory for Kids

By the end of last week, the Supreme Court and the Affordable Care Act seemed to be all anyone was talking about. That wasn’t the only important victory for Nebraska’s children handed down from the bench, though. Building on its other decisions in recent years, the Supreme Court narrowly ruled…...

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Supreme Court Ruling a Victory for Kids!

Every Nebraskan should have access to the health care services they need when they need them.  Healthy children learn better, healthy adults are more productive workers, and healthy people make for stronger and more vibrant communities.  We need a health care system that works for everyone.  The Patient Protection and…...

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How kids with disabilities are insured

If your interests lean wonkish, chances are you’re been paying some attention to the Supreme Court lately. A decision is expected anytime on the Affordable Care Act, which will shape how health reform continues to be implemented. Like everyone else with skin in the game, we here at Voices for…...

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