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Legislative Session Wrap-Up: 5 Victories for Kids

Wednesday will mark the final day of this year’s legislative session. Voices for Children will post our full legislative sine die in the next couple weeks, but for now, we’d like to take a moment and highlight five victories for Nebraska’s kids: Schools in high-poverty neighborhoods can take advantage of…...

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Juvenile Justice Reform Signed Into Law!

This week, Governor Ricketts signed into law a package of legislation aimed at improving our statewide system of response to children and youth who commit crimes. LB 894 is a set of positive reforms that will ensure children’s needs are met and rights protected in age-appropriate and evidence-based ways, and…...

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Why juvenile justice reform can’t wait

Today marks the 50th of 90 days in this year’s legislative session, and the start of day-long floor debate. In the midst of furiously reading bills and amendments, analyzing  fiscal notes, and making sense of  negotiations and compromises, it’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the process and forget…...

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