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Parenting Act

LB 22: Change Parenting Act provisions (Joint Legal and parenting time emphasis)

As introduced: LB22 was introduced to change provisions of the Parenting Act relating to findings and parenting plans. LB22 specifically declares that the Legislature recognizes that the interest of parents in the care, custody, and control of their children is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests. LB22 further…...

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Neutral Testimony on LB22 & LB212: Modifications to the Parenting Act

Yesterday, Voices for Children testified on LB 22 & LB 212 in a neutral capacity.  Supporting equal parenting time in cases of divorce is important, yet we have concerns over some possible unintended consequences these bills may have.  Here is the written testimony we presented to the Judiciary committee:...

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The Nebraska Parenting Act – 20 years of work on child custody

We are commemorating our 25th Anniversary with 25 posts about our history and accomplishments between now and the Spotlight Gala on September 15.  Join us for a celebration of Voices for Children and all of the organizations, lawmakers, and individuals who have supported our work on behalf of children.  For details, visit voicesforchildren.com/spotlight-gala.…...

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LB 844 – Changing the Nebraska Parenting Act

LB 844 makes a number of harmful changes to the Nebraska Parenting Act. Never heard of the Parenting Act? Every year almost 7,000 children in Nebraska experience divorce in their families. While divorce deals with a number of issues (cars, property, etc.) it has a tremendous impact on children, especially…...

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