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paid family leave

Work and Family Life: Creating a Better Balance

Click here to read our full issue brief, Work and Family Life: Creating a Better Balance. No working parent with a sick child should have to choose between making ends meet at work and taking time off to care for his or her child. Senator Crawford has introduced LB 850, which would…...

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Lack of Paid Leave Creates Particular Challenges for Working Families

The American Dream tells us that if we work hard, we will be prosperous enough to feel secure. This dream may be more elusive for mothers who are seeking family leave from work. Workplaces that offer paid family leave, where the employee receives at least some compensation for time at…...

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Paid Family and Medical Leave Would Make a Huge Difference for Nebraskans

As far as paid leave policy goes, the United States is ranked essentially dead last, a fact that both astounds and outrages citizens across the nation. U.S. workers must choose between family and work when faced with circumstances such as an illness in the family, aging parents, or a newborn…...

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Putting Families First: How Paid Leave Helps Families Succeed

With the changing nature of the workforce, it’s getting more and more challenging to balance the demands of the jobs we need and the families we love. States around the country are starting to take the lead on establishing policies that promote more family-friendly workplaces and both businesses and families…...

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