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Medicaid Expansion

2015 National KIDS COUNT Data Book: Health

  Children’s health is the foundation for overall development and the steps toward becoming a happy, healthy adult. Consistent, preventive health care gives children the best chance to grow up to be productive adults. Conversely, poor health in childhood impacts other critical aspects of a child’s life, like school readiness…...

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Why Medicaid Expansion Matters for Kids

  Many low-income Nebraskans still fall into the health insurance coverage gap in which they earn too high of an income to be eligible for Medicaid, but not enough to be able to afford private health insurance. Many of those that fall in the coverage gap are also parents to…...

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Voices for Children Supports LB 472

Click Here to Read Voices for Children’s Written Testimony on LB 472 This afternoon, Voices for Children in Nebraska submitted a letter in support of LB 472, the Medicaid Redesign Act. Although children are already eligible for Medicaid at a higher income level, this bill would allow uninsured parents with…...

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