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LB 464: Change court jurisdiction over juveniles and indictment procedures (Juvenile court of origin)

As introduced: In the case where the accused was younger than age 18 when (s)he allegedly committed a felony or misdemeanor, the county attorney or city attorney shall file the indictment as a juvenile court petition with the juvenile court and:      (a) if the alleged crime is a misdemeanor…...

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Youth treated as adults

Our juvenile justice system in Nebraska is out of balance in a number of ways.  When we dig into the data a bit we find two surprising statistics that demonstrate that fact: 1.) Of the 13,144 Nebraska youth arrested in 2011, only 1.5% were for violent crimes, yet 31.7% (or…...

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Make juvenile court the court of origin for all children and youth – Support LB 464

Children need our care and protection to grow, thrive, and become productive members of our society. When a young person breaks the law, we must respond in a thoughtful way that gives children their best possible chance at success, while still ensuring the safety of our communities....

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