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An Important Step Forward on Affordable Child Care

Child care is the largest expense in the budget for families with young children.  In 2012, full time care in a child care center for an infant in Nebraska cost an average of $ 7,747 per year.  The child care subsidy program helps low-income working parents afford child care and…...

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LB 359: Change eligibility redeterminations relating to a child care subsidy

As introduced: LB 359 creates a graduated income disregard for the purpose of determining continuing eligibility for the Child Care Subsidy program. In determining ongoing eligibility for this program at redetermination, seven percent of a household’s gross earned income shall be disregarded after twelve months on the program and fifteen…...

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Making child care more accessible – Support LB359

Voices for Children in Nebraska fully supports LB 359, introduced by Senator Cook to improve access to child care by establishing an earned income disregard for child care subsidies.  Here is our full written testimony:   February 13, 2013 To: Health and Human Services Committee From:  Aubrey Mancuso, Policy Coordinator…...

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A comprehensive look at Child Care

As Nebraska opened the third Educare facility in the state, it is worth addressing the idea of access and quality child care for families. Currently the program has two facilities in Omaha- Kellom serves 183 children and families Indian Hill serves 191 children and families. The new site located in…...

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