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LB 949: Fiscal Transparency for Child and Family Programs

As Introduced: The bill requires quarterly reporting to the Legislature on the expenditures of the Division of Children and Family Services (CFS), with any movement of $250,000 or more between programs identified. LB 949 additionally requires CFS to submit a strategic plan with clear performance measures and a report on…...

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Child welfare bills advance

For years, Nebraska’s child welfare system has been broken and underfunded. Children and families have been repeatedly let down, and over the past few years of privatization have faced increased instability and turmoil in their already uncertain lives. Yesterday, Nebraska’s Legislature took leadership and advanced a number of bills aimed at…...

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Support for LB 949 – Performance Based Budgeting in Child Welfare

February 8, 2012 To: Members of the Health and Human Services Committee From: Sarah Forrest, Policy Coordinator – Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Re: Support for LB 949 – Performance Based Budgeting and Fiscal Transparency for Child Welfare Programs...

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