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LB 607

Pro-Kid Policy Changes 2015: Economic Stability

In Nebraska, bills that advance out of the Legislature and are signed by the Governor typically become law three months after the Legislature has adjourned sine die, unless the bill contains an emergency clause, rendering it in effect upon approval by the Governor. With all bills passed during the 2015…...

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TANF Participation Declining Despite Rising Poverty Levels

  Enacted as part of the 1996 “welfare reform”, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF), is one of various public assistance programs designed to assist low-income families in meeting their basic needs.  It is also an important tool for keeping families together and keeping kids out of the…...

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Aid to Dependent Children Offers Critical Assistance to Families in Need

  Last week, Governor Ricketts used his administration’s first veto on LB 89, a bill to increase payment rates in the Aid to Dependent Children (ADC) program and ease a family’s transition off of the program. In order to better understand how this legislation would have helped children, it’s beneficial…...

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