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kinship care

Happy Grandparents Day!

This week, we are celebrating Grandparents Day! Grandparents are an important part of many families, and they are especially important to the 2.6 million American children who live in homes where a grandparent is their primary caregiver. Living arrangements with grandparents arise for a variety of reasons, such as financial hardship,…...

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Ask Your Senator to Support LB 243

All children deserve loving and permanent relationships with adults that they can trust and learn from, especially as they transition into adulthood. This is particularly important for children and youth in the child welfare system. In addition to the trauma that led to their initial placement, children in care often…...

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LB 265: A Positive Step Toward Increasing Kinship Placements

All children deserve to be raised by responsible adults with whom the child feels a bond.  When children cannot safely remain with their parents, the best choice is usually for them to lie with extended family members, family friends, or other trusted adults.  This practice is commonly referred to as…...

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Providing permanency for youth in care

Safety, permanency and well-being are goals for all children and youth, especially those in foster care, but what does permanency mean and what is being done in Nebraska to ensure that children and youth in foster care achieve permanency? In short, permanency refers to the need of all children and…...

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LB 265: Improving Kinship Care in Nebraska

When children cannot remain safely with their own parents, the best place for them is often with adults whom they know, love, and trust. Research has shown that living with relatives or other close family friends minimizes children’s sense of loss after parental separation, increases stability in children’s lives,  often…...

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Stepping up for Kids: What Should Nebraska Do to Support Kinship Families?

  Today, the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a new policy report on kinship care, Stepping up for Kids: What Governments and Communities Should Do to Support Kinship Families. Kinship care is the age-old tradition of relatives and close family friends caring for children when their parents are unable to do…...

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