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Voices Releases “Juvenile Injustice” Issue Brief

When children get in trouble with the law, our system should ensure they are held accountable for their actions in an age-appropriate, fair and just way. No one should face trial and punishment without understanding their rights, the possible consequences, and the reasons why; this is particularly true for young…...

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Statewide Family Leave Would Strengthen Nebraska’s Families, Kids and Businesses

  We all benefit when our state’s families are strong, and our children receive the care they need after birth. To do this, parents need time to bond with their children and adjust to the associated life changes that come with a new child, free from the financial stress of…...

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Data Snapshot: Nebraska’s Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers

Nationwide, states are reexamining their use of youth prisons to “treat” juvenile offenders.  A mounting body of evidence shows that correctional models are costly and ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst, when it comes to reducing recidivism and producing positive outcomes for juveniles.[1] Nebraska operates two large-scale “deep end”…...

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Turning the Tide on the Criminalization of Youth Behavior

  One of the best practices for building an effective juvenile justice system is to screen out the lowest-risk offenders and focus the bulk of our money and capacity on higher-risk youth. Because the vast majority of low-risk juvenile offenders will grow out of their bad behavior — with or…...

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Barriers to Economic Opportunity for Low Income Women

Families should be able to achieve financial security through hard work and we should ensure that policies support working families. Financially secure parents can provide their children with adequate housing, child care, health care, food and transportation. As a state, one of the best ways that we can improve childhood…...

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A closer look at Nebraska’s YRTCs

    Every year, Nebraska’s courts send a number of serious and not-so-serious juvenile offenders to the Youth Residential Treatment Centers (YRTCs) in Kearney and Geneva. Like all placements and services ordered under Nebraska’s juvenile code, the goal in placing youth at these institutions should be their rehabilitation. Both YRTCs’…...

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