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family bottom line

Voices for Children Testimony on LR 181

  Earlier today, Voices for Children Economic Stability and Health Policy Coordinator Aubrey Mancuso testified on LR 181, an interim study to examine Nebraska’s workforce, especially in high need areas, and support personal responsibility and professional growth for all Nebraskans.  Voices for Children testified on the need to ensure that…...

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Raising Future Generations and the Minimum Wage

In two weeks, the Better Wages Nebraska campaign will reach the signature deadline to put a minimum wage increase on the ballot in November, so that voters can have a voice in ensuring that all working families have a chance at the “good life.” The issue has been widely debated…...

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The Family Bottom Line

    Nebraska families are working—and working hard—but is hard work always enough to make ends meet? How much do Nebraska families need to earn to meet basic needs without assistance? The Family Bottom Line is a follow up to an original Family Bottom Line report published in 2009. The new…...

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