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college savings

Saving the Middle Class

A thriving middle class is a key component of a strong economy and there are growing indications that America’s middle class is shrinking.  A recent look at how the median wealth of American families compares with that of other countries shows that we rank 19th on that measure when compared…...

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College Savings Issue Brief

  Postsecondary education and training is now more important than ever for individual success and societal progress. Investments in higher education provide significant returns in employment levels, financial earnings, tax revenues, health, upward mobility, and overall well-being. Current projections indicate that demand for educated workers in Nebraska is projected to…...

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Cradle to college: Boosting expectations with college savings accounts

As students across Nebraska head back to school for the fall, college affordability looms large on the minds of many high school seniors. Last week, President Obama addressed growing concerns over the rising costs of higher education with a new plan targeted at the middle class. His plan ties federal funding…...

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September is College Savings Month

Governor Heineman recently announced that September is college savings month in Nebraska and that there are events coming up in October where families can learn more about saving for their children’s higher education through a tax-advantaged plan.  We appreciate the Governor’s interest in this issue, and recent research highlights why…...

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