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Fewer Nebraska Children Living in Poverty

  Children and families being able to meet their basic needs is imperative to the overall well-being and success of our state’s future leaders and workforce. Nebraska families must be able to achieve financial security and our policies should support them in building a strong future for their children. One…...

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Disparities in health care remain for Nebraska’s children of color

  As most of you know, the government shutdown has come to an end.  That means that Voices for Children once again has access to our much needed data.  With the U.S. Census data back up, we’re getting back to business as usual and investigating children and health insurance in…...

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Who’s uninsured in Nebraska?

We know that health insurance is linked to all sorts of improved outcomes for kids. Certainly, health insurance is important when accidents happen, like that broken arm from falling off the monkey bars. But health insurance also helps keep kids from getting sick, whether through immunizations or by getting treatment…...

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More children uninsured, high poverty rate hangs on

  The U.S. Census Bureau released new state data today on the number of Nebraska children living in poverty and the number of children who lack health insurance. The data show both good news and bad news for Nebraska kids. Most concerning is new data indicating the number of children…...

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