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Cradle to college: Boosting expectations with college savings accounts

As students across Nebraska head back to school for the fall, college affordability looms large on the minds of many high school seniors. Last week, President Obama addressed growing concerns over the rising costs of higher education with a new plan targeted at the middle class. His plan ties federal funding…...

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April is Financial Literacy Month

How we earn money is an important part of our lives  and many of our financial habits are learned in childhood.   How many of you got an allowance as a kid or worked an after-school job to pay for gas or save for college?  We may learn at a young…...

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Educational Savings Plans

The rising cost of tuition has moved higher education out of reach for many families. Students are increasingly graduating with significant amounts of debt. In 2011, 63% of Nebraska’s college students graduated with debt averaging $24,284. These trends have made savings for higher education significantly more important. While attaining higher education…...

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